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Virtual reality As Built Modelling & Training

Virtual reality As Built Modelling & Training

The key to a successful project is the assurance that the installation has been carried out in accordance with the design specification. To provide assurance to clients, evidence is required in the form of As Built documentation and certification. Often this can go missing throughout the project lifecycle and can lead to financial impacts to both clients and contractor a like.

Adopting virtual reality As Built modelling holds the keys to success, by retaining project ‘As Built’ information in a safe, virtual world to ensure all key documentation is available in one place at-a-glance, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world by project and operations teams.

VR modelling with integrated As Built documentation can mitigate the risks presented by the loss of important documents, drawing and certification, by providing a single point of storage and reference for all documents. With challenging weather conditions, logistical constraints and health & safety factors faced for example in the offshore renewable energy sector, VR technology enables clients to view the condition of there assets along with the As Built documentation at the time handover from a much safer location onshore. We like to call it the virtual handover.

Key advantages of VR

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