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Digital Project Completions & Asset Management.

Real-time visibility

Gain complete control over your projects with Tricore’s digital platform. Capture all project data, key performance indicators, and risk metrics in real-time, ensuring you have up-to-date insights throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our advanced system allows you to manage installation phases and beyond, providing the transparency needed to make informed decisions quickly.

Increased Project Efficiency:

With a single digital platform to capture all project As Built Documents you can manage your projects Quality Assurance in real time. Your assets QA/QC will be managed and shown in a single window of our platform. The transfer of As Built information to maintenance teams will be seamless saving you cost, time, energy, and ultimately making your projects more efficient.

Automated Equipment Management :

Streamline your operations with Tricore’s automated Equipment Management solution. Our digital platform supports QR code & RFID integration that facilitates the management of equipment movements during mobilisation, on-site movements of equipment and the demobilisation. Tricore’s Equipment Management solution provides push notifications when Equipment is running out of calibration. Technicians can perform inspection reports before and after use and record pictures proving equipment integrity.

Enhanced Visualisation:

Experience the power of enhanced visualisation with our virtual reality models. Retain As Built documentation, certification, and O&M manuals on a digital platform that includes interactive equipment asset tags, datasheets, installation manuals, and product catalogues. Replace thousands of QA/QC photos with VR modelling, allowing for easier reference and improved collaboration between project teams.

What we offer

Centralised As Built documentation, certification, and O&M manuals

Quick access to documentation with QR integration

Equipment & Asset management with QR code and RFID intergration

Manage Project life cycle metrics and KPI's

Eager to innovate with us?

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